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Slots game is no doubt the most playable and famous casino game. And that is for a reason. First of all the rules for slots are very easy and simple for one's understanding. It doesn't require some special skills, knowledge or some strategies being followed. The second reason of its popularity is the best payouts offered by slots machines.

Slots Jackpots

All slots players are dreaming about winning a huge jackpot, but not all players actually know that it is very important to understand and distinguish 2 basic types of slots jackpots.

Slots Jackpots: Types

  • Regular Jackpots

    Such slots machines pay certain winnings according to the symbols which show up on the machine's pay line. Every machine has the pay table which contains the information about rewards and winning combinations.

  • Progressive Jackpots

    The main peculiarity of these slots machines is that all machines in some certain casino are combined in one single network connecting all the machines and creating one big jackpot which increases with every played game. Such jackpots are won by chance, if the player doesn't cheat of course, and considered to be the highest jackpots in comparison with other casino games' jackpots.

Slots Jackpots: Online

Playing at an online casino, players have such advantages as different bonuses for signing-up and during playing and various loyalty programs. Online gambling itself is considered much profitable by most players.

Above mentioned progressive jackpots are also available at online casinos which link their slots games.

The table below includes the best online casinos for playing slots games.

Playing online slots one has a great opportunity to win big, but every gambler should be aware of all details every online casino has and to read the information listed on the pay table. To learn some tips for hitting the jackpot, click here.

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