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Slots Machines Types

As it mentioned in our previous article slot machines can be of several types. Read the information below and decide what type to choose. You can play video slots or maybe those which are on the land based casino.

Classic Slot Machines

Classic slots are usually easy for understanding and playing. They have tree reels and only one pay line. The reels are rotating and show the symbols to a player. If those symbols are matching a player wins. Some of standard slot machines have different bonuses with the help of which a player can have more winning chances. For example, a wild card that forms random symbols. Playing classic slot game all players should know that the prizes and the probability are higher if the bet is high.

Multi Spin Slots Machines

Some slots machines allow players to click spin several times at once (from 3 to 25). It increases the chances for hitting a jackpot. There are two basic types of the symbols which can be offered in this game: the symbol which gives player 5 additional chances of spin, and the symbol which gives 10 spin chances. All the results are showing on the screen.

Multi Reel Slots Machines

These machines offer extra chances for its player to win a jackpot - an additional spin, free credits and wild symbols. Such machines give a player a chance to bet extra which will cause an extra expense but it increases the winning odds. The process of the game is similar to the playing the traditional slots, except extra display is included. But these machines are for professional players which are able to play simultaneously on many reels.

Video Slots Machines

This type of the slot machine started to gain its popularity in 1980s. There a lot of them. Some of them may have more than 50 winning lines and some special bonuses as free games. They bring more playing and entertaining playing experience for all players.

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Penny Slots

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